Bitcoin Mania – Play a new mining game simulator and earn BTC and more!

Okay, quick note, if you have read my RollerCoin post you will realize, the title is pretty close to it. And that’s because Bitcoin Mania‘s core game mechanics are close to Rollercoin. In fact, it was influenced by it!

The gameplay revolves more around miners than playing games, so earning crypto passively. You start with free miners, that generate various cryptos. For example, a BTC miner makes 5 satoshis per day. You can also complete 3 different types of games and earn up to 270 satoshis per day, totaling 275/day.

You can use the passive-earned ones to withdraw, and game-earned ones to buy miners only. The miners are way cheaper than at Rollercoin and are required if you want to withdraw your BTC, unlike at Rollercoin where you gain power by playing games (unlimited). Here you directly earn BTC (more of it), but you can only use that to purchase in-game/ gamble…

They offer various other cryptos such as Dash, Solana, Tron, TUSD, BNB, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and USDT.

When it comes to Bitcoin I earn 9 satoshis passively, as I have bought an extra miner.

In the shop section, you can buy miners. Currently, they are on sale, so it is a good time to buy them. As you can see there are some other things, apart from miners in development, so we will see when that will become available. As stated you start with one GTX 1060 card that gives you 5 satoshis per day. After you click collect there will be a small ad, and then you can claim the reward. You can do the same for other coins.

Here you can play games. I personally play as much of them as I can. If you succeed the first time (you most likely will), you can play these four games only 1 time per day. So I’m making a bit over let’s say 150 satoshis per day from games + 9 SAT mining = 159 SAT/day.

You can try your luck with BMT-bird, but for me, it is really hard, especially compared to the low payout, and I have found that BMT-Bomber‘s controls are frustrating.

Also, you can try BMT Coin which is luck-based (gambling). Personally, I don’t like to do it, in case I lose money, and I’d rather invest that into buying miners. There is also a weekly BMT Wheel for you to spin and get rewards (or pay for more).

You can also see (on the side), that there are more games and gambling games in development. Not only that, but it looks like we will be getting some multiplayer games too!

So, if you need something else like Rollercoin, this game is perfect for you! You can sign up here.

That was all for now and have a great day!

(Last update: 8. February 2023)