Cointiply – Great Crypto site to do tasks, watch ads and more!

Hello once again. As I said in this post about RewardXP, it is a very good-paying site. But Cointiply is not far behind. The current rating of this website is excellent!

Cointiply pays just a little less than RewardXP making it also one of the top GPT out there. But keep in mind, that this also depends on the price of the crypto! For example, you might get 10% less, but if you withdraw to any crypto that rises more than that, you are making much more profit.


You might have gotten paid 10$ for a task 1 year ago on the highest GPT website. How much is that 10$ worth today? Almost as much (inflation).

But what if you have gotten paid 9$ worth of crypto via Cointiply 1 year ago? As the BTC price has raised 4x, you’d now have 36$ worth of crypto!

Apart from GPT offers where you do tasks to get paid, you also have multiple daily bonuses, PTC (view ads to get crypto), bet and play games!

So it is who knows how expensive BTC might become one day? Why not give this website a shot? There are a lot of options to earn from and crypto is getting more popular again.

As for the offerwalls, they have popular ones too. Some of them are TheoremReach,, AdGem, OfferToro, Yuno, CPX research, YourSurveys, AscendMedia, Adgate Media, AyeTStudios, PlayTime, Pollfish, Opinionnetwork, RevenueWall, JungleSurvey…. and more

There is also an option to deposit BTC and earn interest passively!

The minimum withdrawal is only 30 000 coins (3$) for DOGE, LTC or DASH, or 50 000 coins (5$) for BTC

As for PTC, I earn about 0.02$ per day for a few ads. Also, don’t forget to claim a daily bonus which starts small, but over time as you make your multiplayer higher and if you get lucky (or even hit jackpot), you can also earn a lot from it.

The current jackpot is worth about 35$ (as the current BTC price).

So, if you have good feeling crypto will rise, you should definitely use this site over any other GPT, as there are a lot of offers to earn from also as said previously, the price of any crypto can rise instantly, or over years.

Remember how in 2010 somebody paid 10 000 BTC for a pizza?

So, if you want to earn crypto by doing tasks, watching ads, playing games and holding in hope that the BTC price will rise, be sure to check this website out!

Have a great day!

Available crypto withdrawals:

  • BTC (50 000 coins) + deposit (no minimum)
  • DOGE (30 000 coins)
  • DASH (30 000 coins)
  • LTC (30 000 coins)