Duino-Coin – Mine crypto with a $1 microcontroller

Hello and welcome to another post, here I will be focusing on Duino-Coin a crypto coin that you can mine with a $1 microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, a 15-year-old phone, or your latest gaming PC.

Now, you might be thinking…

Wait a sec.

How can a $1 microcontroller mine like a $1000 PC?

Spoiler alert: It does not. However, that does not mean that you receive more in rewards with the more powerful machine you have.

That’s where its name Duino-Coin comes from. You mine coins with an Arduino, a microcontroller that you can buy for a few dollars.

Of course, You can use a cheap ESP microcontroller that you can buy (and if you know something about electronics too) for about $1 ($3 if you do not), a Pi Pico microcontroller, or some knock-off Arduino board from your favourite Chinese reseller.

Maybe you want to mine on your current phone, or your Xbox 360? With your PC that cost you $1000? You can.

As I have said, they use a system that awards you more the “weaker” your device is. So it is better if you use a tiny board instead of a powerful PC.

To get started, simply visit the Duino-Coin website. There you can select the green “Get started” button, which will take you from there.

If you don’t have a wallet yet, you can create one by clicking “No, I need to create my wallet”. You simply sign up there as it says.

Once you are ready you can come back to the “Get Started” section and log in (or not).

From there you select what type of device you have (seen in the image above) and select it. Then you will be given some more instructions depending on your device.

And that’s it. Now you will be able to earn their DUCO coin. To see your web wallet you can once again visit their homepage and select “Online Wallet” or simply go to https://wallet.duinocoin.com. There you can see your earnings, send your DUCOs to somebody else, see your miners, stake your coins (that means you lock your coins for some time – 1 month and after that, you receive a small award), complete achievements, and more!

If you don’t want to mine coins and would like to get them quickly you can also visit their exchange (FluffySwap).

You can also get some coins by visiting various faucets (like this one, DuinoCoin Amogus Faucet) where you can claim your coins from time to time.

There is so much more, and they have it nicely documented, so you won’t be lost. Also, they have a Discord server that you can enjoy by talking with others, sharing your mining setup, and more.

That’s about it! Of course, you won’t get rich overnight (or even over a month) however it is a nice project with a great community, and you can use your tiny boards that consume very little power to earn some coins. And who knows, maybe the price will rise? Until next time!

P.S. If you want to let me know about your opinions (that I would gladly appreciate), you can do so at kriptocoin@cryptoncashy.com