InstaPayee- Lowest PayPal withdrawal, only 0.5$!

Important notice! I have been unable to log in to their website for a few months now, as they give me an error, quote: “Our services isn’t available in your region. Check back again later.”.

This came without any warning. I contacted their support and received the following response:

Thank you for writing to Instapayee support. We have temporarily restricted certain regions from accessing Instapayee due to massive registration fraud.

We shall update the regions in the FAQ once we have more data.

However, this came without any prior notice and the remaining funds that I have earned are now locked, therefore I cannot withdraw them.

It’s been almost half a year since I wrote to them, and there’s still no change.

I have also removed all links to the website until the issue is fixed.

So be aware of this situation!

Greetings once again. Here I will be talking about InstaPayee, a new GPT that lets you withdraw as little as 50 cents to PayPal and via Bank!

InstaPayee has the least amount of offerwalls and only one option – Paypal to withdraw, quickly missing this GPT from others. It doesn’t even have AdGem or AdGateRewards, making the choice way smaller. 

It still has OfferToroAdscendMediaPersona.lytheoremreach, CPX Research, Yuno Surveys, Wannads, RevU, Lootably (for me it has the most offers) and others.

They also have more and more partner offers that pay out a good amount.

But the website shines more than every other GPT somewhere else.

When it comes to withdrawing, InstaPayee has Paypal, but as mentioned they let you withdraw as little as 50 cents! So you can complete a single survey and immediately cash out! Also if you sign up here you get an extra 10 cents, so you need to earn only 40 cents to get your money!

If you are a resident of India, you can also request to receive your money via Bank transfer. You just have to open a support ticket and let the staff know you want to withdraw via bank and give your bank information to them. On top of that, there are no fees whatsoever!

They also offer daily tasks if you complete at least 10 offers for 10 points you get 10 points. That means if you complete 10 tasks worth 10 cents – giving you 1$, you get extra 10 cents! That’s a 10% bonus!

So, while it has only a little amount of offerwalls and only PayPal to withdraw (you can use third party sites to get gift cards via PayPal balance) & bank transfer for Indian residents, it is a brand new website, that is to be expected.

Another neat thing is, unlike other websites, they allow multiple accounts per household (tough not same device), so you don’t need to worry that someone else makes an account on the same network and get banned, unlike on other sites.

I have also withdrawn 50 cents. You can see the proof here.

So, if you want to get free 0.1$ to start and cash out with little money, you can sign up here!

Withdrawal methods are:

  • PayPal (only 0.5$!)
  • Bank Transfer (Indian residents only, no fees!)