Reward XP- One of the best and highest paying site

Greetings and welcome to another post. Here I will present Reward XP, one of the best and highest-paying websites that take an extremely small cut.

While Reward XP does not have as many withdrawal options or GPT offerwalls as IdleEmpire mentioned here, it has a small, but great community and they take very little fees from your offers.

You can also complete surveys and watch videos.

In GPT as mentioned, you get paid to do tasks. Usually, these are playing a game on your phone, sometimes it might even be to sign up somewhere, or make a purchase. 

You unlock other offerwalls as you level up (earn XP/money). While the option is smaller than at IdleEmpire, they still have the best ones such as AdGem or AdGateRewards, Yuno, YourSurveys, AscendMedia, OfferToro,… Personally, I only complete from there as they give the highest amount of money for the completed offer. For example, a task that you can complete (from the same offerwall) on IdleEmpire gets you 6$, on RewardXP gets you 11.8$. That’s almost DOUBLE!

Of course, they do not have daily bonuses or leaderboards, but they do host raffles quite often and you can earn up to 10$!

Their minimum withdrawal amount is 5$. Compared to IdleEmpire’s 3$ (for PayPal) is a bit more, but again, read how much more RewardXP gives you.

When it comes to claiming money they have a smaller choice to select from but you can anyways withdraw that amount on PayPal and use another website to buy gift cards with Paypal. 

Oh, and they also offer prepaid VISA/MASTERCARD cards starting at 5$.

So is Reward XP worth it? Certainly. I have withdrawn 25$ from them and it has always been done quickly. While they might appear way “smaller” than other GPT websites (no daily bonuses, fewer offerwalls…), they are in my opinion one of the best GPT websites, because they take such small cuts.

Join here and claim 5000XP worth 0.5$ right away on this GPT website!

Also, take a look for payment proof.

Withdrawal methods are:

  • Paypal (I used this one) + They take care of the fees (unlike some other sites, you receive the full amount)
  • VISA/MASTERCARD prepaid card (as low as 5$!)
  • Steam
  • Bitcoin
  • Nintendo eShop
  • Discord Nitro
  • Riot Points
  • Reward Link