RollerCoin – Play mining game simulator and earn real crypto!

Greetings to another post! Here I will be writing about RollerCoin. A game where you play games and earn real crypto!

It may sound like it’s fake, but it is not, so let me tell you how to use this website.

Just like at Betfury you can earn from this site without, or with an investment.

I have chosen to not invest anything (and if you don’t want to lose anything, you can do it too), and I will describe how this goes from my point of view.

Some people choose to invest and purchase miners (on sale) to 100% passively make money. This takes a bit of time to get “paid off” at first, so I’m not advising you to invest. By going with the same method as I am, you have nothing to lose.

First off, if you sign up here, you will earn free 1000 satoshis (BTC) free! Afterwards, you will be able to see your login bonus. This is completely new, so make sure to claim it. You will get some XP, which you can use on an Event pass to get yourself some sweet stuff (like a Battle pass in games) by doing tasks and levelling up.

You will want to play games. I recommend playing Dr. Hamster as it is the most profitable. It (kinda) plays like Tetris and for me, it is the easiest one (though for some it is really hard). The next one that I recommend playing is Cryptonoid. It is basically a brick breaker. If you have a good memory, you can play Coin-flip, if you like Flappy Bird, there is Flappy racket, 2048 coins (tough it pays out a little compared to time spent in it), Token blaster (Arcade Space Shooter), Crypto hamster (Doodle Jump) and more.

As you play games, you will also gain power. Different games give you a different amount of power (as specified above). The more power you have, the more you will earn. By playing games you will also level up your PC, which helps you store the power you got from the games for up to 7 days. By playing games you also increase the difficulty and get bigger rewards.

You will also be completing some tasks for this Event pass, and some rewards are available even if you don’t buy them, which is neat.

There are also other tasks to complete, and make sure to do them (and do daily bonuses) every week, because they reset, and you don’t wanna miss them, as you want to level up as high as you can to earn bonuses, and even some RollerTokens to buy miners and “mine” tokens.

So what crypto can you mine? You can mine their RollerToken which is the best if you want to invest in/ or buy miners, BTC, ETH or DOGE.

I’m currently mining their token, so I will be able to buy some miners. But if you do so, make sure they are on sale (they go every day), to spend fewer tokens.

You can also exchange other cryptos for tokens, but as I said, I want to showcase a free approach.

By doing tasks, playing games and logging in daily, you will be able to “mine” some crypto and then withdraw it. The total power per coin ingame is always changing (as well as real price), so make sure to mine the coin you believe will be successful and also is not oversaturated with other miners to maximize your profit.

If you like this sort of game, make sure to check it out!


Available crypto withdrawals/deposits:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
    • ERC-20
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
    • ERC-20