Update #1

Greetings and welcome to my first update! Here I will be occasionally posting some updates on how I am doing on websites. So, here are my results from the past few days.

GPT sites (Idle-Empire, RewardXP, Instapayee):

I’m doing some tasks here and there if I can find them. Not a while ago I have done some bigger tasks, and the ones that are available now, I have done them quite some time ago. I’m also answering some surveys, however, I mostly do the other tasks.


I’m just claiming the free boxes and my CAKE box from time to time. I’m also redeeming my free crypto for holding onto BFG tokens.


Here I’m doing pretty well.

My current power is almost 700TH/s (0.7PH/s) and soon I will get enough XP to get an extra 1PH/s boost! I’m currently back mining their token. In the past day, I have made about 0.3 RLT which is also about 0.3$. So if I was to mine Bitcoin, I’d be getting about 700 satoshis per day. Again, I haven’t invested anything. Also, I’m aiming to get my “standard” power to over 1PH/s. I’ll also make a quick update when I reach that number.

As with the RLT, I’m planning to buy Chupacabra miner, when it comes on sale. It was just yesterday, but I didn’t have enough RLT, of course. The price was 13.4 RLT, which is low for the amount of power this gives you (compared to other miners).

So that was all for today’s update. I hope you will check the mentioned websites to earn some money as well.

Thanks for reading and have a happy earning!