Update #2

Hello once again. Yes, I know, I haven’t made an update for 3 weeks and have not posted a new post for 2 weeks. But of course, I have been busy on the other end! So, let me show you what has happened in the past 3 weeks!

GPT sites (Idle-EmpireRewardXPInstapayee, Cointiply):

I have earned 2.55$ on Cointiply (but I have spent already some of it on the site, so… Payment proof won’t be the same), and it worked perfectly. I have completed a bingo game offer from Aye-T that had 25% extra! and it was done very quickly (thanks RNG)! I am also looking at ads and earning quite a bit, as well as a free faucet. I get about 200 satoshis per day.


Just like last time, I am just collecting my free BNB and BTC! It is a bit but if you do it from time to time, it adds up! I have also just a few days left with my CAKE box! I have already surpassed the 0.1 CAKE (so the box “paid for itself”). After that, I’ll just buy another one, and another one…


Now, just like on Cointiply I have been looking at some ads, but over here all the money I have earned was spent on advertisements (Hey, I have to advertise too). I can get about 100 satoshis per day.


I am doing quite well on BitcoinMania. I have already earned over 1000 satoshis! But look at that! They have also added ETH and DOGE options, so you can earn those two too! But I’ll keep earning BTC for now.


And, the best for the last, Rollercoin.

As you can see, I have only 551TH/s of power, but that has to do with me not playing as many games, as I have received free 3PH/s (3000TH/s) of power from rewards (optical illusion of a large amount of power, I could say).

Also, I have almost earned 9 RLT! That is 9$! But as said, I’m mining RLT to buy miners afterwards! If you haven’t joined it, be quick, because the season is coming to an end, and there are some sweet rewards you don’t want to miss!

That was all for today! I’m planning on making a better overview of my earnings in the next updates, so be sure to check out the next one!

Have a great earning day!