Update #4

Hello and welcome! 👋😊

If you are new here, I’d like to welcome you and thank you for visiting my website. If you came back you most likely noticed quite a bit has changed.

In the past few months, I have been redoing some of my posts, updating the website, and so on.

I will continue to make updates as usual, and new posts as much as I will be able to.

Now, to the earnings update!

To start off, I think it would be kinda odd to just give my earnings updates since my last updates, as that has been… Let’s just say… In ancient times… 🗿

So I will just sum up what have I been doing in the meantime.

To begin with, Freecash. 💸

Wow, I love this website 😍. This is basically my main online income as you can see from that picture. If you have not checked it already, please do so.

I focus mainly on surveys and sometimes offers too. Most of the high-paying offers that are available are some gambling games, but I’m pretty sure I have completed over 20 of these 🤷, and it feels like I’m playing the same thing over and over again (well, in fact, I am as I just press the button and hope I get a big win).

And I get $3 per month just by claiming my daily bonus (as I am level 77) and checking on their Twitter for codes. 🙃🙃

In the second place: Rollercoin 🐹 (an update for the article – 2023 version is on the way!)

Oh, I remember 2 years ago when I played for months and didn’t even get a single miner…

Well, now it is different. Way different.

Do you see all of those miners? I got them (except two) In a week. Yes, a week. 😶

Not only that but just by playing games and doing tasks this week I received almost enough of their new season tokens to buy myself a cane in which I can get miners from 22 000 Gh/s all the way up to 862 100 Gh/s.

If I say that my luck is bad I receive the miner with 22 000 Gh/s from a week of playing games. Back then it would have cost me over $50, to get a miner with the same speed… Rollercoin is now really about mining. ⛏️ …Crypto of course… 🪙

And lastly, I have been busy just updating some articles, and earning on other sites. I will of course make more and more articles soon, as well as update the old ones.

(On the right there’s a minor hint about what I will be posting soon… Be sure to check it out!)

That was all for today! I sincerely thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! I will be back soon with more posts. Until then, bye-bye!