Update #5

Hello and welcome back to another update on my earnings! 👋😊

I have just a minor piece of information to share: I will have to adjust some things here and there, so there might now be some updates for a while. But don’t worry, I will be back soon!

Okay, onto my earning updates! 💸

As last time, I’ll start with Freecash. This week I have been mainly doing surveys, and of course, claiming a free daily bonus worth 0.1$. Since the last update, only those bonuses gave me $1.1, so quite good, for doing nothing. 👍

My total amount earned is about $3. While only a bit, it is still better than nothing. 🤷

Secondly, a site I have not mentioned in some time is Betfury. 🦨

I have managed to win one of their competitions and continued staking their BFG.

I’d say I have made about $1 in total, which is a little, but I have spent very little time with it.

Continuing with Rollercoin. 🐹

I probably spend the most time here, as I try to get a bunch of miners, upgrade and increase my power. A lot is changing quite fast, there are new challenges added every week, so I surely need to keep up! 🪙⛏️

I might as well add Duino-Coin. I have about 1500 DUCOs staked and have made about 30 in the meantime. It is an awesome project, so you should check it out! 😊

There were some sites, but I’ll leave them out as I haven’t yet posted about them. Those I have (Adbtc, Bitcoinmania for example), brought me about $1.

So in total, I have made $5 dollars this week (including ones I have not yet written, which would bring me to a bit over $10). For the effort, that is not too shabby. 😅

That was all for today, have a happy earning day! 🤗